A Secret Cedars Wedding

A Secret Cedars Wedding

Ceremony to Reception


The entrance.

  Keri and Arthur wanted a small, simple wedding with friends and family.  They wanted to minimize travel time and maximize time spent with their loved ones, so they decided to have their ceremony, formals and reception all in one place.

Our garden, Secret Cedars provided everything they needed.  The left side was used for the ceremony, with the castle providing a perfect focal point.  The right side was set up for the reception, with tents in case of rain, a spot for the dinner and tables where people congregated.  Later in the evening, people clustered in various spots throughout the garden, whether in the castle, at their tables or in any number of locations.

Secret Cedars Wedding Nerses Photo Studio (210)

The Party Shoppe did an amazing job setting up their tents, as always.

With everyone there for the ceremony, the family photos were a quick matter.  We chose to do them in the rock garden and castle, since they provide a variety of beautiful backgrounds.

Secret Cedars Wedding (114) Nerses Photo Studio

Family Photos done in the rock garden. Check out the color coordination in those dresses!


Secret Cedars was the perfect canvas for Keri and Arthur to add their own, unique touches.  They went with a rustic, vintage theme.    This complimented Secret Cedars perfectly.  Everywhere you looked, there was some beautiful detail added; whether it was a candle holder, a bundle of baby’s breath, or a spot of lace, the lush greenery of Secret Cedars was truly a sight to behold.  The bride and groom had a vision and they executed it flawlessly.


We added our vintage seating to the mix, as it tied in really nicely with the aesthetic they were going for and naturally it made for some awesome pictures.

Secret Cedars Wedding (157) Nerses Photo Studio

A stunning bride + baby’s breath + vintage style chairs made for an elegant and unique look.


In the end, the bridal party, families and friends all had an awesome time.  The food was delicious, the band rocked and despite a couple of scary moments, even the weather held out.


The festivities lasted long into the night and in the end, there was only one thing that needed to be said.


Secret Cedars Wedding (318) Nerses Photo Studio

Thank you.


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LaraOctober 3, 2015 at 2:31 amReply

Wow when i think of story book wedding these phtoos capture it all! There is such a warm and loving feeling in each photo. I think you truly captured the moments! Awesome job.Carrie