An Engagement to Remember

It all started with an email way back in May.
Engagement Portrait Nerses Photo (7)
A nice young man booked us for a portrait session with his girlfriend.  Over the course of a few emails, we settled on a location and date.  Once the details were handled, he added a little wrinkle to the event.
Halfway through, he was going to propose.
He had an idea, where he and his fiancee would write a personalized message to each other on small chalkboards.  This part happen halfway through the shoot.
We always do our best at Nerses Photo, but this time, we were feeling particularly motivated.
Nerses Photo 12 Nerses Photo9
Knowing what was to come, it was a challenge not to rush through the first part of the portrait.  However, the weather and the couple were lovely, so everything went swimmingly.
Engagement Shoot Nerses Photo  (25)
Then came the big moment.
Engagement Shoot Nerses Photo  (28)
Spoiler alert: She said yes!
And just like that, an anniversary shoot became an engagement session.
But first, we had a surprise of our own.  It’s not every day that we get to be part of such a happy moment as it happens, so we decided that a little champagne was in order.
Engagement Shoot Nerses Photo  (43)
And in the end, there was only one thing left to say.
Engagement Shoot Nerses Photo (44)

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