Downtown Portrait

The Niagara Region has some great opportunities for photography.  But sometimes really amazing, scenic locations are just around the corner.
Call me biased, but I love Secret Cedars, the outdoor garden that we have behind Nerses Photo Studio.  However, I also relish the chance to go on location.
Downtown St. Catharines Nerses Photo Studio (1)
The rails add a really cool visual element to any photo.
We definitely lucked out with the weather; although it was cold, the forecast rain never showed up and left us with the ideal grey skies.  Overcast weather gave us the opportunity to shoot anywhere we liked and not have to worry about glare or heavy shadows.
The amazing thing about this portrait?  It was all done within one square block.
Downtown St. Catharines Nerses Photo Studio (2)
You might walk by a window like this every day, but its potential as a unique backdrop cannot be understated.
Not surprisingly with the winter we’ve had, it was quite cold out, but that presented us with yet another opportunity.  Everyone in the family had nice coats on and the chilly temperature ensured everyone stayed nice and close together, providing a sense of warmth even when it’s not warm.
Downtown St. Catharines Nerses Photo Studio (4)
Cold steps, close family.
Downtown St. Catharines Nerses Photo Studio (3)
Staying nice and close.
Another great thing about working downtown are the unique elements that people can react to – like the little one grabbing the railing.  She did that spontaneously and it added some movement and fun to a nice picture.
Downtown St. Catharines Nerses Photo Studio (6)
It’s amazing how often kids will put their own spin on a pose.
It was a cold, grey day when we shot these pictures, but you don’t need the sun to project warmth and have fun.