Eloping in Niagara?

Here’s the thing about weddings – every single one is different.  They are as diverse as the people involved.  Grand, simple, rustic, vintage, high key, ultra modern, absolutely no two are the same.


At Nerses Photo we’ve always prided ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients, whatever they are.  Got eight sets of grandparents and twenty minutes for the formals?  No problem.  Two dozen people in the wedding party?  We can handle it.


While some people ramp up, others scale down and we enjoy appealing to both sides.


This is why we’re ecstatic to offer our new Elopement Package.


For those clients who want their special day commemorated we’ve designed this package with simplicity in mind.


The rules are simple:  For $500 + tax, the Elopement package includes


– Two photographers

– 90 minutes of shooting

– Approximately 100 images


To check out our wedding portfolio, click here.