International Women’s Day

This past Friday was International Women’s Day.  At Nerses Photo Studio, we celebrated that, the way we celebrate most things: working.
Women in Niagara set up a fantastic event at the Americana in Niagara Falls.  There were vendors offering everything from clothing to house cleaning to financial advice.  We were set up as well, offering up both our portrait services as well as our skills in photo restoration.
The event itself was outstanding.  It was terrific fun to run into friends and business acquaintances, all coming together for a good cause.  The proceeds from the silent auction benefited
I suppose if I had to sum up the event in one word, it would be: Inspiring.  It was truly awesome to see women get together to celebrate women, celebrating our triumphs and brainstorming on the things that we still need to make progress on.  The award was presented to Marilyn I. Walker.  Her contribution to the arts was amazing, to say nothing of the hard work it took to get there in the first place.
Hazel McCallion was the keynote speaker and after hearing her speak, it’s not had to see how she got the Hurricane Hazel monicker.  In the beginning she spoke about her upbringing and eventually how she moved through the corporate world, and then her lengthy tenure in politics.
The most important thing she spoke of was cooperation.  It was never about what ‘she’ accomplished as Mayor, it was always about what ‘we’ had done.  One person can accomplish amazing things, but when people work together, that’s when the truly miraculous can occur.
I’ve spoken before about how having a camera around my neck can open up doors that would otherwise be closed to me.  International Women’s Day reminded me that sometimes doors need to be kicked open.  Not only that, it reminded me of all the truly inspirational women in my life; women who shaped the world around them with their drive, creativity and positive outlook.
Can’t wait to go back next year.