Kids in the Wedding Party? Plan Ahead

Kids in the Wedding Party?  Plan Ahead
Choosing the members of your wedding party can lead to some of the toughest decisions you make in the lead up to your special day.  The choice on whether or not to include children in the group can be even more difficult; but with some extra planning, they can bring a lot of laughter and energy to your big day.
Wedding Party Kids Nerses Photo Studio (1) There are few things more adorable than a flower girl (or five) making their way down the aisle. But even the most confident kid around can get nervous starting down that walkway with dozens of adults watching them.  Plan to have kids walk together, or with one of the adults in the party.
Once that walk is done and the ceremony begins, kids, particularly young ones, can get agitated.  Rather than having them stand with the adults during the ceremony, it’s useful to let them sit and relax a little.
After the ceremony comes the formals.  With young kids who need a nap, the simplest course of action is not to take them to the park.  Talk to your photographer, and if it’s possible, arrange to have a wedding party photo with the kids, preferably at the church.  That way you’ll have a keepsake image and the little ones will stay on schedule.
If kids are definitely coming to the park, then your best course of action is to have a non wedding party member come with the group and watch the kids during the photos.  I recommend doing photos featuring the kids first.  With all of the activity during the day, they tend to run out of gas fast, so by working with them early, you minimize your risk of a meltdown.
Snacks and a couple of games never go remiss.  Regarding the snacks, avoid anything chocolate or that comes with the risk of melting.
At the reception, everyone can cut loose.  Kids will naturally gravitate to their parents and may prefer to sit with them after the meal.
With a little extra planning, kids can rock a wedding party, regardless of age.
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Kick off your shoes and get ready to party!