On the Campaign Trail

On the Campaign Trail

My uncle owns the Blue Star restaurant in Welland.  In September, he called us to let us know that Justin Trudeau would be stopping in at the restaurant for a brief photo-op.  My uncle asked if we would mind coming in and taking a few photos.  Would we mind?  Of course not!

After a little more research, we found out that the campaign bus would also be dropping into St. Catharines, at a small cafe about five minutes away from us.

Justin%20Trudeau%20%28Nerses%20Photo%20%286%29We decided to split into two teams.  My mother would head to the Blue Star and I would go to Caffe Gatti.

On the day of the event, Cathy was running late.  The time for the St. Catharines photo op came and went.  I was devastated.  I was, until my sister called me and told me the bus was running late and I had to grab my camera and jump in with her.  She dropped me off as close as she could and I walked to the cafe.  The crowd was milling around and excited and I ran into a few familiar faces that I’d seen at other functions.  One thing was sure, though: we had no idea where Trudeau would stand or where he’d show up from.  

Justin%20Trudeau%20%28Nerses%20Photo%20%2810%29When the bus arrived, there was a sense of elation.  The hundreds outside were more than a little miffed when he immediately darted inside, then the mood hit another crescendo when he came back out.  

At first, I thought I had just about the worst possible spot, but I wound up in one of the best.  It was an awesome view of a really moving speech.