On the Lake

On the Lake

An Unexpected Location


As much as I enjoy working in Secret Cedars, our private garden, it’s often quite a thrill to work on location.  Going to a client’s home presents new challenges, with lighting, spacing and even available props, but it helps to keep me sharp, work with what’s around me.  A few weeks ago, I happened to find myself on a gorgeous property; the only real challenge was the cold.


Shoot outdoors can be filled with unexpected challenges; rain can be worked around, so although the skies were ominous, that was something we could handle.  The true dangers of shooting outdoors are the sun and the wind.  The former creates strong shadows, which can fall on your subjects’ faces.  The wind can be a far greater obstacle, ensuring that hair and even clothes don’t always stay in place.  Lucky for us, the rain held off and the wind, though cold, was mild.


It’s always invigorating to work with a client who has a clear goal in mind.  This client knew exactly what he wanted:  photos of his property, his dog, his father and images that captured his passion for hunting.


Outdoor Portrait Nerses Photo (20)

Action shot! There are some amazing colors, even this late into fall, if you know where to look.


The land was lovely and the weather was cooperative, if somewhat cold.  We worked close to home, then moved out to the lake, where we had some four legged company.


Outdoor Portrait Nerses Photo (2)

Out by the water with Millie.


Millie chased after the ATV as we rode out to the lake for a few sequences by the water.  After all that effort, she deserved to have a few pictures of her own.


Outdoor Portrait Nerses Photo (5)

Surveying her domain. Doesn’t she look right at home?


This is the kind of shoot that makes me realize just how many hidden gems there are in the Niagara Region.