Outdoor Wedding

Had the pleasure of working a wedding at one of my favorite venues, Club Roma.  This one was a little different.  It marked the first time that the ceremony and reception would all take place outdoors.Nerses Photo (29)  The reception was set up under the pavilion and the ceremony proper took place at the end of a gorgeous stone pathway.



Club Roma Wedding Nerses Photo (37)

An absolutely stunning location, the very definition of picturesque.


Club Roma Wedding Nerses Photo (121)

This lovely little bridge is great to work with.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and soon Marisa and Tony were married.  Once they signed the register, the guests were able to return to the pavilion for some light refreshments while we took family and formal photos.  We kept the pictures simple, taking advantage of the scenery around us to provide the best possible results. There were a few clouds that day, which really worked to our advantage.

When there is heavy sun to contend with, shadows and sweat become an issue.  Overcast provides even lighting and perfect skin tones.



Under the pavilion, the reception was in full swing!


Club Roma Wedding Nerses Photo (156)

There was music, sweet music.


The atmosphere during the day was light and airy.  Although it was warm outside, there were plenty of cool drinks and shade to Nerses Photo (171)be had, as well as a great time.  With an outdoor wedding, it’s always important to keep comfort a priority.  Drinks and shade are your best friends.  Older guests or those who don’t do well in the heat will most definitely thank you.


After the antipasto platter, there was only one thing left to do.


Club Roma Wedding Nerses Photo (226)