Passport FAQs

At Nerses Photo Studio, we can take passport and visa photos for nearly any purpose.  Here are some common questions and tips to make sure you are getting exactly what you need from your ID photos, along with some common questions that we get regarding these images.


1:  “Can  you do a passport/visa for ______?”


Yes.  Our top of the line system is programmed with the specifications for most countries in the world, and we are able to customize them if needed.


You are welcome to bring in the specifications required and we will do our best to adhere to them.  Make sure your documents are up to date, as size requirements can be subject to change.


2.  “Can you email me my photo?”


Yes.  We are able to email a high quality digital version to you from our system.  We keep photos for several weeks.


3.  “Can you print off my USB?”


No.  For the sake of network security, we do not plug in USB drives unless they are still packaged.  However, if you email the files to us, we will be happy to print them.


Please note that we will not date or stamp anything that we did not take.