Passport Pandemonium Part II

These issues aren’t official rules, but they have been cropping up lately with regards to ID photos.


Whether it’s a passport, gun license or other form of ID photo, there are no shortage of official rules to follow.  Many were addressed in a previous post, but there are a few new ones that need to be discussed.


First and foremost, be very clear on the type of photo you need.  A Permanent Resident photo has very different size requirements than a Canadian Citizenship photo.  Make sure you tell your photographer exactly what kind of photo you need before you start.


Secondly, regarding head coverings.  They are allowed in Canadian ID photos if they are for religious purposes.  However, avoid wearing a covering that is solid white in color.  This can create separation issues; ie. it becomes difficult to tell where the covering ends and the white background begins.  A pattern is fine, but definitely avoid solid white.


An issue that has come up recently has to do with big earrings and hair ties.  There have been a few instances of rejection on account of very large earrings being classified as a foreign object in the photo.  Smaller pieces have not posed a problem as of yet, but it is something to keep in mind.


Following that, if your child has ponytails or scrunchies in their hair, removing them is recommended.  This ties back to the jewellery being viewed as a foreign object in the photo.


Lastly, this applies to Permanent Resident photos.  You need the photographer’s stamp, date and room to write on the back of the image.  Please note that only ONE photo must be stamped.  Stamping both has lead to rejection.


At Nerses Photo, we always do our best to stay up to date on ID photo requirements for all countries and ages, but you are always welcome to bring in the specifications and we will match them.


Any and all questions on this matter are welcome.

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AnitraApril 24, 2017 at 11:43 pmReply

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrtinig!