People and Pets

Pets are family too.

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We love pets in all shapes and sizes.

Whether they’ve got four legs, no legs or lots of them, pets are part of the family and shouldn’t be overlooked when it’s time to get your photos done, so here are some tips to help your pals get ready for their closeup.
In or Out:  It’s up to them
Whether at home or in the Studio, some pets are comfortable anywhere.   Some dogs are fine with the more rigid setting, but others can find the bright lights and loud noises stressful.   Choose the option you feel will be the most relaxing for your pet.
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Some pets are right at home in the a Studio setting.

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Often, pets are more comfortable in an outdoor setting, away from the flashing bulbs of an indoor studio.


Up Close and Personal

When including pets in family photos, we recommend dressing more casually.  With pets being lower to the ground and people on their feet, it can create quite a large height difference.  To combat this, we often ask people to join their pals on the ground.
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Sometimes a difference in height can’t be helped.


R&R Works Wonders

When dealing with a new situation, new people and potentially bright flashing lights, pets can easily become overstimulated.  It’s best to give them a break during the shoot, to allow them to unwind and refocus.  When pets come into Secret Cedars for the first time, we ask clients to come about ten minutes early, so the dog can explore and become comfortable in a new location.
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After a quick break, it’s back to work.


Have Fun!

When dealing with a new situation, pets can pick up on their owners’ tension.  To that end, relax, have fun and your pet will too.


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Everyone’s a critic.


CharleneJune 1, 2015 at 5:05 pmReply

Hey! It was SO great to bump into you again at the Dogs 4 Youth show 🙂 I finally found you on Facebook and liked your page too! I’d love to see the photo you took of me and my Royal Tails booth/table 🙂

This blog is great too – love that you wrote about pets in family portraits!

Keep in touch and I’m sure I’ll see you around again lol!


Nerses PhotoJune 3, 2015 at 9:52 amReply

Likewise, it was great to see you again.