Planning a Winter Portrait?

Planning a Winter Portrait?

Winter portraits are beautiful, but tricky.  Here’s some tips to get the most out of them.

Snow covered landscapes can look like a blank canvas, ready to be worked with, but they can be intimidating.  However, with a few tricks you can get the winter pictures you’re after.

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1.  Dress Up

It seems obvious, but it bears repeating.  When you’re going outside for your portrait, bundle up appropriately.  When the weather is mild enough, it’s worth it to it to get into position, then slip your coats off.  In that case, don’t be shy about getting nice and close.


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2.  Timing is Everything

Even the heartiest winter warrior hits their limit.  Winter portraits work best when they’re done quickly.  A little red in the cheeks is always flattering, but blue fingernails isn’t always a great fashion statement.

3.  Kiddos in the Cold?

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Some kids revel in the cold, some don’t.  The key thing is to listen.  They will tell you when they’ve had enough.
4.  Break It Up
If you want a number of different scenes, then allocate some extra time to head indoors and warm up.  This break will also allow you to brainstorm some new ideas.