Portraits for all Occasions


Nerses Photo Studio has been photographing families all through the Niagara Region since we opened in 1966.  We have worked with families of all shapes and sizes, for all events.


Secret Cedars:




Secret Cedars is our exclusive park.   It is located behind our Studio at 160-162 Niagara Street in St. Catharines.  It has been specially designed to provide multiple backdrops, ranging from structured stonework to rustic rock gardens.  It is fully fenced in and safe for children and pets to roam.  Secret Cedars can easily accommodate families of any size.  In the event of rain, our indoor studio is nearby, which can hold fifty people for a shoot.


Abundant Parking
Handicap Accessible
Washrooms Available
Light Refreshments Provided
Indoor Studio
Minimal Walking


And Beyond:


We are also thrilled to come to your home to take photos of your family.




1.  Do you charge extra for photographing individual families?

A photo taken in Secret Cedars – our exclusive park.

No.  We include family breakdowns in the initial deposit.  If there are particular combinations that you would like (such as grandparents and grandchildren, parents alone, etc.) please feel free to let us know.


2.  What do you recommend for clothing?

We recommend that families colour coordinate.  The matches do not have to be perfect, but ensuring that styles and colors are complimentary greatly enhances the final product.  For large groups, we recommend avoiding strong patterns as they can be distracting.  If your portrait is taking place in Studio, we have a number of different backgrounds that can be used to compliment your colour choice.


Perfect matching makes for a really great photo, but is not strictly necessary.

Consistency is the key.  One family dressed formally mixed with one in more casual clothing can be a bit off-putting in a photo.  If you’re having several groups together, agree on the style you’re going for; then proceed from there.  When several families are getting together, one fun idea is to have each family wearing a different colour.  One family in blue, one in white, etc.  This is a great way to add colour and personality to your photos.

3:  What is included in the sitting fee?

Your session includes your portrait session, as well as one 8×10 print.  It is our policy to provide several different poses in order to maximize your freedom of choice.


4.  Do you offer digital packages?

We offer print as well as digital packages.  One file comprises of one high resolution 5×7 sized image.  You will be able to print and store the image as you like, but we would recommend returning to the Studio if you are interested in large prints, such as wall portraits.


We also offer social media sized files, which are not printable, but ideal for online sharing, upon request.



If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us, either by phone or email, or come to our storefront Studio in St. Catharines and take a tour of Secret Cedars.



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