The Frame Job (Or Not)

You’re all set; the photos have been taken, and you’ve selected the one that you want.  Now… what to do with it?
There are more options than ever for finishing your prints.  Some of these choices have options within options.  It’s possible to fulfill virtually any vision you might have for your print.
Here are some of the options:

1:  Framing


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When you have a photo with a lot of people in it, it’s better to go for a simple frame.


Frames have been around almost as long as photography itself.  The right frame can add visual interest to a room and be a perfect compliment to your print.
Pros:  Modern frames aren’t limited by size.  Whether you’ve got a 12×8, 10×10, 17×11, 30×40, frames can be custom made to suit your needs.
Cons:  With the number of options available, it can be quite overwhelming to pick the style that best suits your needs.  Also, some assembly might be required.
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A larger, more elaborate frame will bring the price up, but can be worth it for sheer showstopping value.


Price:  Frames can range from minimalistic to fantastically dramatic.  Simply put, the more ornate you go, the higher the price point.

2:  Canvas

Canvas prints are a more recent invention, but they show up, they certainly make an impact.  Canvas prints are printed on fabric, then stretched out over a wooden frame.  They can provide a great splash of colour in a room.
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The back of a canvas print. Despite the large size, canvas prints are extremely light weight and easy to hang.


Pros:  Like frames, canvas prints can be created in virtually any size, though custom sizes might take longer to produce.  Because of the 3D nature of the finish, canvas prints do not require frames.  If you’re trying to draw attention to a piece and make it really stand out, canvas prints can be the way to go.
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The pattern that comes with a canvas finish is showing through. It’s preferable to use it for a full length print, like this one.


Cons:  Canvas prints have a patterned finish; they’re not recommended for close up images.  Also, canvas prints can react badly to impacts.  If you’re putting one up, keep it out of the way of errant elbows and shoulders.  That will help to preserve it.
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A side view of a canvas print. The wide frame really makes it stand out on a wall. It can make a great showpiece.

Price:  While canvas prints don’t require frames, the finish is comparable in cost.


3:  Plaque Mounting

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern finish on your prints, plaque mounting might be what you’re looking for.  As the name implies, it involves mounting your images on a plaque.
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A small plaque mounted print. Mounting it on hard board gives it a sleek, finished look. Like the canvas, it doesn’t need to be framed.

Pros:  No assembly required.  Take off the plastic and it’s ready to go on your wall.  Plaque mounts are far sleeker than canvas and create a modern and minimalist look.  Many plaque mounted prints also have a splash of colour on the edges, for added interest.  Plaque mounted prints are also quite durable.
Cons:  Plaque mounted prints can sometimes be lost.  They are not quite as showy as framed or canvas prints.  They can be a little time consuming to hang, but once they’re up, it’s worth it.
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The back of a plaque mounted photo. Hanging them can be a little time consuming, but they’re very easy to center.

Price:  The most cost effective of your choices, again, any size can be accommodated, and there’s no frame required.

As you can see, there are nearly limitless options for what to do with your prints.  All you have to do is ask.