Why Hire an Event Photographer?

We’ve all been there, with an event to put together, and not enough time or budget to do it.


One of the most underrated tools at your disposal is to have a dedicated photographer on hand.  It’s easy enough to ask one person on staff who has a camera to take a few photos, but it’s worth the investment to have a professional come in for your event, whether it’s a ribbon cutting or awards ceremony.

Event Photography Nerses Photo Studio (1)

Capturing little details.

A major event is composed of dozens of small details, ranging from place settings to gift bags, to the overall decor.  A dedicated professional photographer will keep these details in mind and document them.  This can be a useful tool in planning the next event, as you can see what worked and what did not.  Sometimes the centerpiece is too high and makes conversation difficult.  Little details like that might be forgotten when it comes time to put together your event once again.


Event Photography Nerses Photo Studio (2) Sally McGarr Team

The Sally McGarr Real Estate Brokerage all together, at one function.

Having a photographer on hand also provides you with an excellent opportunity to get a staff photo.  Ideally it will be all hands on deck for your function and everyone will be dressed for the occasion, so why not get a staff photo done?  If you do decide to take a group photo, I would recommend doing it before the the festivities start and guests arrive.  Barring that, be sure to let your staff know ahead of time.

Finally, the key word is ‘dedicated.’  A dedicated photographer is there to do one job, take photos.  They can be provided the itinerary, ensure dignitaries are documented and maximize your coverage of the entire day.

ScotiaMcLeod Polo Match Nerses Photo Studio (106)

Certain dignitaries are more difficult to photograph than others.

Oftentimes a staff member assigned to take photos can be drawn into any number of other tasks, which takes their attention off the images at hand.


If you do decide to hire a photographer, be sure to keep a few things in mind.


  1.  Put it in Focus.  What really matters?  (Is it the details, the people, the dignitaries, the awards, all of the above?)  To get the best results, be clear on what you expect.

  2.  Provide an Itinerary.  If the awards start getting doled out at 7pm, make sure the photographer is good and ready.  If possible, arrange for them to arrive early and scout out the venue.

  3. People of Interest. 

    Event Photography Nerses Photo (Blue Star Restaurant Justin Trudeau)

    If the Prime Minister is coming, please inform your photographer.

    This goes along with the itinerary, but if there are special guests, be sure to inform the photographer.  A recognizable celebrity will garner attention, but a manager who traveled cross country to attend might not be obvious, so make sure the photographer knows to give them the appropriate recognition.



 If the event is big enough to warrant a committee to organize it, then I would recommend looking into hiring a photographer.  Once you do, there will be one less job that requires your attention and you can enjoy the party you worked so hard to put together.