Thank you for your interest in Nerses Photo Studio. Established in 1966, our third generation family-owned studio is the oldest in St. Catharines, Ontario. Delivering the latest styles using state-of-the-art printing and framing technology, Nerses Photo Studio has built a reputation for delivering high quality photographs.

If you’re considering a portrait or a wedding, consider the convenience, comfort and privacy of using our exclusive garden – the Secret Cedars – for your event. Our photographers designed it to provide you with those picture perfect backgrounds.

– Haig, Cathy & Catherine


Nerses Photo Studio was started in 1966 and is now going into its third generation. At Nerses Photo Studio, we offer a variety of professional photography services such as head shots, portraits, passports, wedding photography, and photo restoration. We are home to Secret Cedars, our exclusive garden made perfect for photography backdrops and special events.

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