Nerses Photo Studio offers Canadian, US and international passports. Any Canadian children leaving the country require a passport. Nerses Photo Studio happily takes ID photos for children, babies and infants. Call ahead to schedule an appointment, or walk in. We offer:

  • Permanent Resident Photos
  • ID Photography for children and infants
  • Citizenship Photos
  • US and International Visas
  • On location passport photography available upon request
  • Digital ID photos (Emailed photos are $15 + tax)
  • Hard copy photos are $15 + tax per set
  • Please note that we only accept cash, cheque or E-Transfer

This has the information with the photo requirements and mentions the digital code.  We offer the code service, which is much easier, since they just input the code and the government fetches the image from the database.

Passport Tips/Tricks


  • Avoid wearing white, this will over expose the photo and increase the odds of rejection
  • Schedule an appointment that compliments your baby’s schedule
  • Hair bands and are no longer acceptable
  • Earrings with large hoops are no longer acceptable
  • No earrings are acceptable for Chinese passport/visa photos
  • You will be required to remove your glasses


Nerses Photo Studio guarantees the quality of its ID images.  In the event of rejection, bring back the photos along with the reason for rejection and we will redo the photos at no charge.