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Photo Restoration Specialists

Restoring old photos has been a service we have provided since the first day. Nerses Semerjian opened the Studio in 1966. The most important factor in restorations is keeping the integrity of the photo intact. We were commissioned by the City of St.Catharines to restore all the City Councilor 8×10’s dating back to 1977. No job is too big or too small and we recently restored a 4ft x 5ft Maid of the Mist photo for Hornblower in Niagara Falls.

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Photo Restoration Services:

  • Repairing tears, scratches and other cosmetic damage
  • Adding color to black and white photos
  • Inserting or removing individuals from the image
  • Removing undesirable backgrounds
  • Combining individuals from two photos into one
  • Resizing images
  • Digitizing negatives or slides (Pricing for this is dependent upon the number of images and the work done to them.)


Quotes for photo restoration are delivered following an assessment of the image; which can be done in person or via email.  Pricing varies depending on the level of difficulty and the time required to restore the image.  Issues such as damage to a face or excessive fading can be time consuming to repair and will increase the cost.  Finishing options such as mounting and laminating, framing, etc. are also available.

If time allows, we recommend scanning the image first, in order to provide the most accurate cost at the time of appraisal.  Once an image is scanned, often times hidden issues can emerge.

Restorations typically begin around the $50 mark, but this varies from image to image as each photo offers its own unique challenges.

160 Niagara St. St. Catharines, Ontario (905) 682-7112 studio@nersesphoto.com